Sales channels
Professional e-Commerce website
Point of sale software (POS)
Sales activities management
Food items management
Food items online management
Combo management
Food items' option management
Food items category management
Material management
Material category management
Supplier management
Purchase order management
Transfer material management
Material inventory history
Staff management
Permission group management
Branch management
Area and table management
Self delivery (Automatically calculate shipping fees based on delivery location)
Payment options: COD, Bank transfer PayPal - Coming Soon
Cash flow & revenue management
Tax and fee management
Revenue, cost, order reports and analytics
CRM system
Customer management
Customer tag
Customer segment management
Customer analytics
Loyalty marketing
Loyalty membership level
Create program of earn points and redeem points for discount
Using loyalty points
Discount campaign management
Create flash sale campaign
Marketing support
Blogs and SEO
Scan QR code
Email Marketing

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